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Safety and quality programs within the oil and gas industry are often mandated by government code, law or regulation. Will the low price of oil cause an increase of safety-related incidence? Will we see a rise in catastrophic structural failures due to decreased profits? Lower fuel prices are great for shipping and transport industry, but the oil industry continues to endure crude at rock bottom prices. Major oil companies continue to cut back on production and spending. US News reports that Chevron will be laying off another 1,500 workers over the next quarter. While the economy is showing improvement, the spending cuts from oil producers are tempering the economy and keeping it sluggish.


Decreased oil revenues have a steady positive effect on the economy, but it has a negative effect on stocks due to the large size of the companies. Typically a 10 percent drop in oil prices will cause a one percent drop in the Standards and Poors. Where we had nearly four years of $90+ a barrel, the price of oil began decreasing dramatically a year ago. Falling to $44 by March, it has remained in the doldrums for nearly a year.

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